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Image by Gilles Lambert



Okay, I'll start. I'm a natural born leader and entertainer. I'm a compassionate giver and motivator of people. I'm passionate and driven as all get-out and work extremely hard to succeed in whatever I do. I love to have fun. I am as adventurous and free-spirited as they come. I love traveling the world, meeting and experiencing new people and customs, and having fun adventures everywhere I go. 


I have been in the entertainment industry since birth, practically. My father is a professional musician who passed down his talents to myself and my family. Part of my story since I was a little girl has been my obsession with taking pictures and seeing every day moments as art everywhere I go. I always had a camera on me because throughout the years as I wanted to capture every moment in life that I could. My passion for art, beauty, photography and entertaining has led me to some pretty cool people, places and opportunities over the years. From a professional singer/songwriter and karaoke queen, to a makeup artist, model, television host, actress, video producer, and event planner, I have always had an artistic drive and love of the arts. I need to create to survive.

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Image by TheRegisti


I passionately love helping people feel beautiful and love showing them who they truly are and what they never knew was inside of them. It's so rewarding to see people light up with joy and awe when they look at their photos. I am equal parts fun and sincere, and people gravitate towards that and feel a sense of comfort and ease when at photo sessions with me. I can't wait to meet and talk with you, and to create something so captivatingly beautiful and YOU that you will absolutely cherish forever!

Be Bold. Be Bright. Be You.



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